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We design and manufacture software and hardware solutions based on microcontrollers with remote control over the Internet using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. As well as automation systems without or with partial human participation. We are ready to implement almost any options of your ideas for remote control and monitoring of any device via the Internet.

We carry out projects on an individual order. You just come up with an idea of what you want to manage, and we will create for you a special set of programs and modules that can implement your idea.

How it works

  • You fill out the order form

    First you need a technical specification. It should answer the questions: Where will be used what should be done. You must clearly describe the task.

  • We process the order, discuss the details with You

    If necessary, select the optimal equipment, Supplement or simplify

    we Send You our offer which describes in detail the functionality, price and deadlines.

  • You approve the final version

    You pay 50% of the order amount and We Get to work.






  • After completing the order

    We send it to You for testing


    Modify if necessary

  • If You are satisfied

    You pay the remaining amount.

  • the Scope of

      • For remote control and monitoring in private homes, cottages, etc.

Management and control at enterprises


Monitoring and control systems in warehouses, production facilities, offices





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Project or sketch

    * Sketch is a program for microcontrollers 

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