Setup help

  • The connection to a MQTT server

    Information in your account Login or Registration

    Server URL-the address of the broker: mqtt.su

    TCP port: 1883

    The Port Of Websocket: 9005

    Leave username and password empty (do not specify).

    The client ID can be anything but unique for each connected device. (For example, derived from your user name.)If the connection is constantly reconnected, change the ID, then this already exists.

  • How to add topic:

    In your account Login or Registration

    Come up with a name and press add topic. If topic with the same name is free it will appear in the table, otherwise think of another name.

    The name of a topic in Latin letters.

  • Note

    For stable operation, the server is rebooted once an hour.

    Geographically, the server is in Russia.

  • Do not use for the following activity:

    Any activities violating the current legislation of Russia, the EU or the United States;

    Using the server for fraud;

    Using the server to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the health of any objects

    Observe the channel value update (topic) no more than once per second. If you significantly exceed the recommended limits, your access will be disabled, so as not to interfere with the work of other customers.

  • The main provisions of the refund:

    All cancellation requests must be made in writing only. You must provide a technically sound reason why you cancel the service. In this case, the technical support service will take reasonable measures to address and resolve the situation in order to meet Your requirements and wishes.The refund procedure includes a money back guarantee, namely a money back guarantee within the first 30 days. Refund policy it is carried out in the currency that you have chosen to pay for the services at the time of order. Refunds are not made in case of violation of the rules. Refunds are made only for technical reasons. When returning to the Bank card transfer fee is paid by the client. The application must be made in the following form: The technical reason for the refusal.A return invoice is specified.