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We design and manufacture software and hardware solutions based on microcontrollers with remote control over the Internet using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. As well as automation systems without or with partial human participation. We are ready to implement almost any options of your ideas for remote control and monitoring of any device via the Internet.

We carry out projects on an individual order. You just come up with an idea of what you want to manage, and we will create for you a special set of programs and modules that can implement your idea.

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Technical specification

To connect to MQTT, go
3 stages

  • Create the topic

    After registration in your account, create your own unique topic. Within one hour they will become active. After creating the first topic, You will have options to connect to MQTT.

  • Choice of tariff plan.

    5 topic at your disposal for free. In addition, you can buy in your account.

Description of the MQTT Protocol

MQTT is a messaging Protocol that can be used to transfer data from one device to another through a cloud server. The server forwards data to remote clients that have created channels (topic). A Protocol designed specifically for IoT and used for communication between devices. The MQTT network includes the MQTT broker, which serves as an intermediary in the interaction of MQTT agents – publishers and subscribers. Publishers publish information intended for subscribers. MQTT is designed for low-power embedded devices, so the computational requirements for its implementation are minimal. In addition to the very low system load, MQTT is characterized by high communication efficiency even in networks with low bandwidth. In this case, the structure transferred with it, data is very little official information. MQTT server implements the publisher – subscriber model using a minimum number of methods. They are used to specify the actions to be performed. These actions are reduced to interaction with a broker and to work with themes and messages. Agents connect to the broker, and then either publish topics and posts to them, or subscribe to topics and receive posts published in those topics. After completing the work, the agent disconnects from the broker.


  • Constant online connection mode

  • Two-way data exchange

  • Ability to use plug-ins

  • Real-time data processing

  • Minimization of traffic

  • Flexible Access-List system